Snowflake Cookies
December 2008

Candy Barrel Cake
December 2008

Chocolate cake filled with cookies and cream.

Winnie the Pooh & Friends Baby Shower
November 2008

Winnie the Pooh sugar cookies for favors.

Baby shower cake. There were polka dots like this on the invitation so I incorporated it into the cake design.

The finished product. All figures are made from fondant-except the baby. That is made from gum paste. The cake is chocolate with cookies and cream filling. Covered in fondant.
Candy Corn Cookies
October 2008

Sugar cookie recipe. Three different colors layered in a pan.

These candy corn cookies are just about the same size as the real candy corns.

Then Hayden and I iced the cookies. I wanted her to get some practice since she was going to be icing cookies at preschool the next day!

Candy Corn Hershey Kiss Cookies
October 2008

Yes, Hershey's makes candy corn flavored kisses!

The recipe for the cookies was on the bag...

Simple and good!

Underwater Friends Cupcakes
October 2008

These are the cupcakes that I made for Hayden's birthday party at her preschool.

Underwater Friends
October 2008
The theme for Hayden's 2nd birthday cake was Underwater Friends. The cakes were yellow cakes with strawberry and lemon fillings. It was covered in marbleized fondant and decorated with chocolate animals and gum paste coral and sea weed. The "sand" is brown sugar and the shells are chocolate.

Here's the whole set up on the table.

Shell chocolate

Sea creature chocolates.

Easter Carrot Cake
March 2007

I found the recipe for the cake on Recipezaar. I iced it was a cream cheese icing and decorated with toasted coconut and icing carrots.

Bunny Racers

March 2007

I made these for the kids at our Easter family gathering. I used Ho Ho's, Mentos, M&M's, marshmallow bunnies, Life Savers, and Peaches gummie candies.

Valentine Treats
February 2007
Here I am working on heart shaped sugar cookies for Hayden's teachers at preschool.

The Whole Set Up
October 2006

Here it is all put together. This was all for Hayden's 1st birthday party.

I made this cake using the Wilton flower power cake pan. It's strawberry cake, iced with butter cream and decorated with fondant. The bug and butterfly are fondant too.

This was made using round 9 inch cake pans! The cake was Funfetti iced with butter cream and decorated with fondant. The buttons are real....not edible.

This was Hayden's cake! It was made with a Twinkie and small cake pan.

Flower Sugar Cookies
October 2006

I made these for Hayden's 1st birthday. Everyone was able to take one home. These were made using the Wilton flower cookie pop pan. Then I iced them with royal icing.

Here they are sitting out to dry.

My First Fondant Cake
September 2006

I wanted to practice using fondant and making a butterfly cake before I did the real deal for Hayden's first bithday party.