Dawn Kidd ""
Because my daughter loved to play Pac-Man, I wanted to find something special for her birthday "recognition" at school. I was thrilled over the moon to find a photo of the Pac-Man cupcakes on Trista's fb page. I ordered them immediately.
Trista was amazing during the entire process. I had nothing to worry about.
When I picked up the cupcakes, you should have saw the look on my daughter's face! That said more than I could ever write. I looked around and saw a clean kitchen and many other decorative cakes and cookies. I was in awe! I found Trista to not only be professional, but also very talented!
Needless to say, my daughter was the hit at her school party and I was a hit with my daughter! That alone made Trista 5 stars with me! :)
We will definitely be repeat customers! Thanks Trista!!

Kim O'Tool "" Trista just made me two cakes in the last two weeks and they were the best cakes I have ever had!!! Not only were they super cute and creative but they tasted amazing! I will be passing her name along to all my friends!

Seleania Williams "" Trista. Thank you for the "BARBIE" handbag cake that you made my daughter. She loved it!

Angela Gilman Lehman "" Trista just made my mom's birthday cake. It looked amazing and tasted great too! One of the layers was the chocolate chocolate chip with raspberry filling and chocolate buttercream new favorite!!!

Christy Smith Boan "" We had looked everywhere for a Lego cake for my son's 5th birthday when we came accross Trista's first Lego cake photo. It was just what we wanted- only my son wanted to have Batman and Robin Lego figures! The cake looked awsome and tasted even better!!! We had the chocolate-chip cake with cookies and cream filling! YUMMMMM!! This was the first time I have ever been so happy to have birthday cake left over. I was planning to enjoy another piece after the kids had gone to bed only to find an empty box and trails of chocolate cake accross the floor! :( Clearly my son liked it as much as I did! Can't wait to order more!

Whitney Logsdon "" I am a huge fan of Trista's cupcakes. I have ordered them for a baby shower and a bday. The chocolate chunk surprise cupcakes are the best cupcake I have ever had in my life!! I strongly recommend you try them! I am looking for an excuse to have her create a cake for me!!

September Howat ""
Trista made me a birthday cake for me and it was both delicious and hysterical. She is so creative that in my case, it was a little embarrassing! My cake was a surprise, so she had complete freedom to design anything she wanted. She chose to make an exact cake and fondant replica of a sweatshirt I designed when I was a kid. The result was uncanny (and therefore absolutely hysterical) and also completely delicious.

Trista's cakes are both delicious and extremely creative. She takes an idea and cleverly and expertly crafts a cake that takes your idea and makes it infinitely better than you imagined. An easy 5 stars - I only wish I lived closer so I could order cakes, cookies and cupcakes more often!

Sandra Williams "" Trista has made too many cakes/cupcakes for me to list on here, but all of them were delicious and she always has a way to get exactly what you want out of a cake!!! The chocolate-chocolate chip cake made a chocolate cake lover out of me!

Jan Ross "" I love to knit and crochet and for my birthday Trista made the cutest cake! It was shaped like a knitting bag with my initial on the bag and balls of yarn aand knitting needles were coming out of the top. It was one of my favorites that she makes, CARAMEL! Yum!

Karen Blankenship Moles "" My son who's favorite hobby is video games, so for his 9th birthday we went with Pacman cupcakes....they were sooo cool ( check out the pic) . My son loved them and the kids were so excited to receive this cool yummy cupcake instead of the grocery store ones with a bunch of icing and plastic ring stuck in it. :) I have also tried her butterfinger cake...all I can say for that is OMG!!!! If you need a sugar fix....CALL TRISTA!!!

StickIn TheMud "" Tirsta has done a custom cake with matching cupcakes for my sons birthday two years in a row now. The first one was an Indiana Jones hat, with edible bugs, and recently a custom Lego cake. Just this month she did eagle head cookies for a fund raiser (they were all gone in less than 30 minutes). Everything is always SO delicious and looks fabulous! You have a true talent and I'm so glad you share your gift! Tista is always my first choice! (Karen Kauffman)

Kristy Thomas Hollingshed "" Trista made a fiesta cake for a going away party that i gave for my sister. Trista worked with me to get exactly what we wanted. The end result was wonderful. It not only looked great but tasted great also.

Crystal Goss "" Trista made my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary cake and a small cake with some cupcakes for a baby shower I gave. They were all very good and went very fast. Everone complimented on how pretty everything was. The detail that was actually put into each one is amazing! I highly recommend Trista and give her two thumbs up!!

Jessica Hart Harman "" I have had a few of Trista's cakes/cupcakes and they are not only appealing to the eye but they are also appealing to the mouth! She is truly gifted! You won't be disappointed!!